"If there are no dreams then howwill there be a determination to achieve them"


RT @offstumped: To contribute you will have to sign-in as a Volunteer http://t.co/6dIjFWWJx7
RT @offstumped: BIG STEP in Open Sourcing Mission272+ - all of http://t.co/GknHGXHVqI is now Open to view by the Public with Read only Acce…
Few more Glimpses from NaMo's Bharat Vijay rally, Coimbatore (TN) https://t.co/E46F8YeWgb http://t.co/YOFn3Q0TqI
Our Focus will be Job Creation: Narendra Modi in Erode - http://t.co/GdC5hRCDey http://t.co/ZF7wdOIqAH
Coimbatore Crowd watching Shri @narendramodi with rapt attention - Bharat Vijay Glimpses #AbkiBaarModiSarkar http://t.co/ixPwsW4S0p
Women Power for #Mission272+ - Glimpses from Narendra Modi's Coimbatore rally http://t.co/5G9QLvr7ES
High-spirited crowd rooting for #NaMoinCoimbatore - Bharat Vijay Glimpses https://t.co/E46F8YeWgb http://t.co/sqrHtk6KXC
RT @BJP4India: Your vote is not just to defeat someone, but to change the fortunes of India: Shri @narendramodi https://t.co/nDezCUMUHt
RT @smritiirani: Sharing some images from the nomination rally in Amethi. Thankyou for the support. http://t.co/7dgDPHrdty
Next up Watch Shri @narendramodi's rally in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu LIVE on http://t.co/bymoTsJ7mE #NaMoinTN #NaMoinRamanathapuram
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