"Saath Aayein , Desh Banayein."


Yuva TV 4 hrs ago
Our decisions are guided by Rashtra-neeti, not Rajneeti : PM Shri @narendramodi - http://t.co/zYQHoM67qq https://t.co/5Q3gBuFxap
Amit Shah 5 hrs ago
मणिपुर के भाजपा प्रदेश कार्यालय में डॉ. श्यामा प्रसाद मुख़र्जी हॉल का शुभारंभ करते हुये| http://t.co/9Ewe03FkgF
Narendra Modi 6 hrs ago
Addressed BJP MPs at a workshop today. Sharing the video of my speech. http://t.co/HPdWz7FlBq
BJP 8 hrs ago
Government is dedicated to the poor, and improving their life : PM @narendramodi - http://t.co/HslRIOsjQK Video - https://t.co/0zRRDSdArM
Rahul Gandhi wants to play “Robin Hood” – Overshadows Yechury with Leftist Rhetoric - http://t.co/8en7FUKphE http://t.co/de6Od0xv0J
#WhileRahulVacationed https://t.co/KHmVMrhf4V
#WhileRahulVacationed https://t.co/l4zpDi6wAY
BJP 9 hrs ago
The BJP led Govt under Shri @narendramodi remains committed to all Indians and developing India. 15/15
BJP 9 hrs ago
Sweet irony- remain outside India for months, come back & spread lies to farmers. 14/15
BJP 9 hrs ago
People of India are bigger threats than LeT & Jaish E Mohammed, said Rahul Gandhi to USA diplomats. http://t.co/hU6e5aC4O4 13/15